CLIPOURO LDA, through its trademark EVOLUTION, aims to be a leading company in Europe for the transformation of paper rolls in large format.

To us quality does not consist solely of satisfying our clients, it is about amazing them, seeking innovation and the best technologies and making continuous improvement our constant goal.


To offer quality and innovative products where flexibility in delivery dates and product conception are fundamental.


To have the trademark EVOLUTION present on all 4 continents using a network of specialized distributors.


  • Integrity / honesty
  • Customer care
  • Careful selection of all products
  • Respect for the environment
  • Control of the entire transformation process of the paper rolls.
  • Social awareness

We want to be known not only for the excellence of our work but also for our concern for the environment and to achieve this:

  • We keep a System of Quality and Environment Management that complies with NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001, FSC® (FSC-C123638).
  • This system guarantees compliance with the norms, legislation and regulations applied in our sector and in regards to the environment.
  • We identify stakeholders’ needs and expectations.
  • We contribute to an future environmentally sustainable future guarantee our compromise to protect the environment, optimizing the control of waste generated and ensuring proper waste disposal by our activity.
  • CLIPOURO assume the compromise of preventing pollution promoting the sustainability and the using the resources by and efficiency way.
  • We promote the satisfaction and skills of our employees by giving them extensive training.
  • We engage employees and other interested parties in the above mentioned actions so they feel a part of all of CLIPOURO processes.
  • We aim to satisfy or surpass the market’s and our clients’ needs.
  • We place emphasis on the quality of our processes and work procedures so that we can offer products with greater added value to the clients.
  • We continuously improve the efficiency of our Quality Management System, by defining and monitoring goals and indicators.

Forte da Casa, November 20, 2018

Who do we work with?

Excellence Partners

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